it’s over

by Jason Alan

it’s over.

from breathtaking moonless nights

to the rattling of the chains of a prisoner.

from electronic pulses, the synapses in your brain

to the prattling of the tv news anchor.


it’s over.

from dazzling sunsets

to the screams of strangers in the night.

from a symphony of chainsaws

to a mother’s vox, lulling you to sleep.


itโ€™s over.

from the smell of gunpowder

to the hope that life is everlasting.

from soft December rain

to the fallacy of a universal truth.


itโ€™s over.

and gone,

never to return.

and in a thousand years

no one will utter your name.

no tears will be shed

over your lifeless body.

yet the poetic heart that holds no purchase

in this mortal husk

will mourn for you forever more.