by Jason Alan

she is heavy

in the mind and in the soul

she is a love so impure

but that love is beautiful all the same

she makes broken men feel whole

she is a blessing in disgust

a lost soldier in a lost world

she is eager to satisfy

the dreams of every dreamer that ever graced

the presence of her race

she is human, imperfect

she is crying

but her sobs are silent

they fall to her feet

without a sound

she is in love with ideas and notions

she is a dream unfurled

she is the kiss you’ll always remember

the eyes you’ll never forget

she is trying

she is in love with a man

who doesn’t care

she calls him

but he never answers

she knocks on his door

but he never lets her in

she’s leaving

maybe I should have answered the door

but it’s too late

she’s already gone