can you imagine? (To Florence)

by Jason Alan

I’m getting married. Not a while from now. Not soon. But right now. You may be asking yourself, what kind of insensitive asshole posts a blog during his wedding? Or, oh no, oh crap, the dreaded wedding photos (shudder, or shutter, pun intended). But fear not! It’s merely a poem I wrote for my darling wife some time ago, accompanied with a picture of the building where we are strapping on the ol’ ball and chain. And I’m not posting now, I scheduled this post. I’m kinda busy at the moment. You know, getting married and all. I hope you enjoy this as much as she did. Bonjour and Bonsoir!

can you imagine me…

kissing your hands

slowly, softly

sucking your fingers

can you imagine me…

gently caressing your thigh

your dress

inching upward

can you imagine me…

with our eyes locked

while I remove your panties

but not so fast…

can you imagine me…

kissing you

my hands roaming

through your hair

can you imagine me…


your dress must come off…

let me get that for you

can you imagine me…

touching you

not only with my hands

but with my eyes

can you imagine us…

our bodies


never letting each other go?