whiskey and beer

by Jason Alan

The last night of the year, 2011. I know, it’s almost March but it’s not so much about the time, it’s about the spirits. I spent it with my wife (she was my fiancée then) and her family and friends. Even though I’m in France and I don’t know French yet, they always make me feel at home. Being from the south (Texas) and considering I’m a fan of all things whiskey, I wasn’t complaining when they brought out a bottle of John Davon’s Kentucky bourbon. This was a brand I had never tried before. It’s fairly comparable to Jack, possibly even a little smoother. I like to splash a little cola in mine.

Later, after stuffing myself with twice my body weight in shrimp, I moved over to a beer that I had also never tried, Pelforth Blonde. It was a good tasting beer with a slight bite to it, which I like if it’s not overpowering. I give it a 7 out of 10. This post would be longer but I’m not a beer or liquor snob. I’ll drink just about anything at least once. So I guess it’s more about the photos than anything. Uh, happy new year?