I’m a writer (I think)

by Jason Alan

I’m a writer. What does that mean, exactly? That I put words together in written form? Any idiot on twitter, or with a Bic pen and a note pad, or even a paint can and an overpass can claim that. That I’m published? I guess, technically. I’m self published. I put a bunch of my poetry together and put the aptly titled Poetry of a Madman on amazon. It’s the last link. Everything in it has either been posted here or will be posted in the future, so buying it is just supporting a starving writer. Seriously, I’m making mustard sandwiches over here. Help a guy out, would ya?

Some may say that you aren’t a writer unless you have an actual, physical book done by a “real” publisher. I haven’t. Or, possibly, an ebook that has sold more than twenty copies. Mine hasn’t. Regardless, I think of myself as a writer. Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism, but there’s a certain coolness factor in being a relatively unknown writer. You know that there are a few people that know about you, and you can convince your ego that it makes you cool. Like that band your friend introduces you to. Hey check these guys out. Nobody knows about them, they’re local and they just put out their first album they recorded in the drummer’s mom’s basement. Then, inevitably, as soon as the band starts playing stadiums a few years later, they’re not cool anymore. They ‘sold out’.

Personally, I would love to get to that point. If I sold out, that means I sold something.

That being said, as a writer, I like to know what other writers are thinking about and experiencing. The joys, the frustrations, the flow of ideas. How they do it. What is their inspiration? And so on, and so forth, et al, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

So I put some links together for those of you who also enjoy exploring the minds of other writers. And if you go there, tell them I sent you. After all, how can I sell out if nobody knows who the hell I am?

Writing Dilemma

Adventures in Editing


Book Trailers

Blog Fodder

Peas and Carrots

And last, and most definitely least, my book:

Poetry of a Madman