A short walk in Besançon

by Jason Alan

I took a short walk to a jardinerie called Delbard yesterday. The literal translation of jardinerie is ‘garden’. Basically it’s a store that has a good variety of stuff to buy, including plants, vases, soaps, wine and there’s even a section of fish and pets, among other things. I used filters for the first pic. It wasn’t actually that dark, but I like the ominous look of it.

It’s still hard for me to believe sometimes that I’m in France, married to a wonderful woman. Except for living in Baltimore for a couple years and going to Mexico once when I was a kid, I’ve been in Texas my whole life.

You wouldn’t know it, but my wife actually does smile and laugh a lot (especially around me because I’m hilarious), but you wouldn’t know it by pictures. As soon as the camera is pointed at her the smiles shut off. What a shame. She has a pretty smile.

It’s very colorful in that store, like a rainbow threw up. I know, I have a way with words, don’t I?

My wife again, wearing the only pink thing she owns, I think. Goes good among all the red in this pic. Smile, woman!

More colorful pics. I used some HDR to really bring it out…

There aren’t a lot of pets here. Just rabbits and rodent types. These mice are so cute, aren’t they?

Do they still look cute?

How about now? If you look closely, you’ll notice that one of the mice has died, and the others are feeding on its corpse. Still think they’re cute?

Before we left I went behind the store. There’s a pretty nice view there from atop the hill.

I zoomed in on some people playing soccer. I don’t call it football, or futbol, I’m American. I was going to do it black and white, and leave the people in color, but I decided to be more subtle and make the people black and white instead. Looks kinda cool, I think.

Then we went back home, and I got a few pics on the way. I think if she didn’t buy the camera, she might have thrown it out by now. I can’t stop taking pictures!

I love the architecture in France. Even when it’s simple, it’s nice.

Now you know what the area where I live looks like. My severed head is worth 1,000 points in the scavenger hunt. Good luck!