The perfect pizza?

by Jason Alan

This isn’t a food blog, but I wanted to expand my horizons a bit. The other day a friend and I started talking about pizza. Pretty much everyone can agree on pizza. Most people love it, and even one that isn’t very good is still pretty good. If that makes sense. Anyway, we decided to make a couple and while discussing what ingredients to use we got a little creative. We went to the grocery store and got three cheeses. Mozzarella, pepper jack and mild cheddar. Lucky for me we both love cheese. I personally would have went with sharp cheddar, but he was paying. We also said why doesn’t anybody use the best mushroom there is, the portabella? I’m sure it’s been done but I’ve never seen it anywhere. Of course we got the tomato paste and to top it off, a single roma tomato.

Instead of going with the traditional pepperoni, though we do like it, we decided on bratwurst for the meat. Who doesn’t love brats?

Then I prepared the cheese…

Shredded it up, cut the mushrooms, sliced up the meat and cooked it a little first…

And bam! We’re ready to go.

Now they’re ready to put in the oven. Beautiful.

Now they’re done, and yes, they tasted just as good as they look.