Windows X

by Jason Alan

Since I currently can’t afford a Mac, I figured I would do the next best thing and make the Windows 7 machine I’m using look like it and have some of the functionality of it instead. So I did a bit of research and downloaded a program called RocketDock, which is found here:


This gives you a dock, very similar to the one found in OS X. It doesn’t have all the features that are in the newest versions of the Mac operating system, but you do have quite a few customization options. You can hide it, put your most used programs in it, make it bigger, smaller, etc.

If you have a lot of things on your taskbar, you might want to move either it or your new dock so they don’t get in the way of each other, like so:

But not me. I don’t have very much on my taskbar. I’m a minimalist. I like my desktop clean. So I did two things: made my dock and taskbar icons small so the dock fits neatly in the middle without getting in the way, and I took the recycle bin off the desktop, so it’s all clean and tidy.

If you would like to do this as well, or if you would only like to take the recycle bin off the desktop and don’t know how, it’s pretty easy. You right click on the desktop, go to ‘Personalize’, and on the options on the left you click on ‘Change desktop icons’. Uncheck the recycle bin box and it’s gone.

I made it so both the dock and taskbar hide, so when I put the mouse cursor down at the bottom, it looks like this:

But we’re not done yet. If you’ve used a Mac before, you probably know about a feature called Exposé. What it does is show all of the programs running at the same time. All you have to do is move your mouse to one of the corners of the screen and they will show up, so you don’t have to minimize a bunch of windows to find the one you want, like this:

Now what have we learned today? That you can make Windows look and feel a little more like a Mac, but more importantly, I need a Mac! So, who’s going to buy me one? Anybody? Hello… is this thing on?