by Jason Alan

the wind was playing our song
i knew and you knew that if we played along
then sooner or later everything
would fit just right, the birds would sing
the clouds would spell out our destiny

tried and true it seems we’ve been through it all
in such a short amount of time we recall
sure it hasn’t been all roses and rainbows
but we both love one another and it shows
heaven is heaven is here when you’re next to me

throughout this time mistakes have been made
our youth and confusion was the cutting blade
i was clumsy with love i had never handled it before
you handled it better you gave me more and more
every moment with you is pure ecstasy

your love was power and i abused it
your time was precious and i just used it
maybe this time i could have another chance
even though it cannot be a storybook romance
i long for you desperately