There are no sales to report during this period.

by Jason Alan

I see this a lot. Not so much anymore, since I don’t check as often, but anyone who has an ebook on amazon who has seen this knows it’s a bit disheartening to encounter.

I’m not expecting to get rich, but not even averaging one sale a month? That’s pretty pathetic.

But what do I do? People say social networking, but unless you have a million followers what good does it do? Almost 1500 twitter followers and almost 400 here on wordpress and I’ve sold maybe 15 total of my first self published work.

The tremendous growth of the internet over the past 10 to 20 years has proved to be a double edged sword to authors. Sure, you have the potential to reach a greater audience as an independent. But on the other hand, there is so much free content to read that you couldn’t go through it all in a thousand lifetimes.

Some may ask, why pay for anything? Well, if many good writers don’t get paid, they’ll stop writing altogether. That’s no good. We want the good writers to keep writing. Don’t we?

So, then, you may also ask, what do we do? I have a suggestion.

Let’s say you have a so-called ‘regular’ job. You make ends meet, you go see a movie every now and then, you go out to eat occasionally, buy a paper book, maybe you have a kindle. You may not be able to afford a lot on entertainment but you aren’t wondering if you can pay the electric bill next month.

My suggestion is to search around a little for relatively unknown or very unknown writers on amazon or similar sites. Find the ones with only a few reviews or even none at all. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t any good. It probably means that not many people know about this person.

Many of them have a book or books from 1 to 5 bucks. My suggestion is to buy about 6 a year. You can afford less than 30 bucks a year, right? Hell, you probably pay four or five bucks a day just for Starbucks. Go to McDonald’s one day every couple of months. 99 cents for coffee. There. You just saved yourself enough to support a writer that will get a smile from not seeing that dreaded message again.

There are no sales to report during this period.

Yeesh. It hurts just to type it.

Anyway, I’m not saying that I should be one of these writers that you support, but it would be nice. I certainly won’t talk you out of it. On that note, I’ll go out with a suggestion of a writer named Michael Golvach with whom I’ve conversed on twitter. I’ve read some of his work and I highly recommend this relatively unknown but talented fellow. Merci and au revoir!

Michael Golvach – profile

P.S. If you do want to support my writing, you can do it here:

Poetry of a Madman – Volume I

Also, did I mention I’m unemployed and I don’t mind pity buys? šŸ™‚

Merci and au revoir! (For real this time)