My First Novel (sort of)

by Jason Alan

I have decided to give my book its own page so it’s all in the same place now. No jumping from page to page any more. I changed my theme as well so it’s probably easier to read than it was before. It will be on as an ebook when I am finished with it but it will remain here so you can read some or all of it before deciding to purchase it.

The reason I’m calling it my first novel is because even though it isn’t complete yet, it looks like it will be the first one I actually do finish. I have posted six chapters so far and have just added the seventh. I have also included the foreword which I haven’t posted before today since it’s not completely done yet either.

Had enough of my rambling and want some fantasy, some fiction? Then click on ‘For Want of a Stone’ at the top of this page or click this link:

For Want of a Stone

And please, PLEASE tell somebody about it. I don’t have the money to advertise.

P.S. Note that what is posted is not 100% edited, so if there are errors please excuse them.