Cheers to the Commenters!

by Jason Alan

I was looking through my stats, a little bored on a lazy Sunday and noticed something I hadn’t really noticed before. Of course I had seen it, but I didn’t pay much attention. It’s the Top Recent Commenters. I don’t often go to the bottom of the stats page. I’ll check the daily hits at the top, sometimes go down a little to see what countries I’m getting views from, and that’s usually it.

But if you go to the bottom of the page you’ll see who’s commented the most. So I’ve decided to write this to thank them and to suggest following and interacting with them. That is, if you’re the type that likes people who actually have something to say rather than those who ‘like’ every post they see just to spray their digital graffiti and get people to go to their own blog.

This short list starts with the top commenter and goes down from there. So, thanks guys and gals…

life with blondie

archon’s den

brainstnorts inc.

little miss obsessive’s anatomy