A Writer’s Shoes

by Jason Alan

I am a writer, and I’d like to show you my shoes. Why? Because I’m a writer in a comparable way that I am a walker.

At thirty-six years of age, I would venture to say that I have walked more than most people at the age of fifty. Not only have I worked for many years doing jobs that required a lot of walking, but sometimes I just prefer it. Even if I have a car, I’ll usually walk instead of drive to the corner store if I need to pick up a couple things. I’ve also been homeless, and for a long time the spot where I would sleep was about two miles away from the area I would frequent during the day.

So what do walking and writing have to do with each other as it pertains to me? Well, I write a lot too.

The good news is, you can also call yourself a writer and a walker too, more than likely. If you have ever taken a couple steps, you can call yourself a walker, even if you spend 90% of your leisure time on the couch fondling your remote control. The same could be said of writing. Even if you’ve only written one word in your entire life and put down the pen and said screw it, this isn’t for me, you can also call yourself a writer.

But not me. I walk and write all the time. Sometimes compulsively and other times I take breaks, but I’ve logged a lot of miles in Nikes and white tube socks, as well as with Bic pens and keyboards.

What is my point, you may ask. Well, if you are going to call yourself a writer, then write. If you are going to call yourself a walker, then walk. You don’t technically have to be published to be a writer and you don’t have to complete a 10K to be a walker, but it doesn’t hurt.

So do what the title you’ve bestowed upon yourself suggests. After all, you may have flown in an airplane but that doesn’t make you a bird.