I am the king

by Jason Alan

I am the king of starting novels. Self proclaimed king, of course. But I have yet to finish writing one. The furthest I have gotten so far, For Want of a Stone, is about halfway done. I have all sorts of ideas when it’s fresh, but the further I get into it, the slower the progress seems to go. I also start to doubt whether it’s any good. What makes what I write any better than the next guy or gal? What’s the point of doing something that may only be slightly better than mediocre? I edit things that may not even really need editing.

I suppose that’s why I seem to be pretty decent at penning short stories. By the time I start doubting myself it’s already done, and a short one is easier to proofread and just post without really thinking much about it. And surely more people seem to read it. The percentage of people who would immerse themselves in a whole book as opposed to flowing right through a short in a matter of minutes seems to be decreasing.

Or maybe I just have an audience with a short attention span. Not that I’m judging, I sure do have one. I haven’t read one full length ebook. Ever. I even had one sent to me for free. Haven’t read more than a few pages of it. And regular, paper books? It has probably been more than a year since I’ve finished one. My wife gave me a book a while back and I’ve only cracked it a few times. Hell, I even (finally) got the last Dark Tower book that I’ve been wanting to read for years and I’m barely a few chapters in.

Do I write too much to have time to read? Probably not. Do I spend too much time fiddling around on the internet? Probably so. Actually, definitely so. It doesn’t really feel right to read a long book on a computer to me, but that doesn’t explain the ‘real’ books. I used to read those all the time. I used to think I would probably do a lot of ebook reading if I had an iPad, but now I’m not so sure. If anyone would like to send me an iPad I would be glad to know how it turns out, by the way.

So, how say you? Do you find yourself with any of these problems? Do you have trouble finishing projects of any kind? Do you have an iPad and are not reading as much as you thought you would have? Is the universe finite or infinite? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Holler at me, guys. You must comment because I must know these things.

And you must obey. Because I am the king. The king of starting novels. Where is the royal taster? This caviar smells funny…