What Am I Worth?

by Jason Alan

I post pretty much every day, always trying to bring my audience (that’s you!) something new and hopefully a little different from the (literally) millions of other blogs you could be reading right now. I post pictures, I write poetry, short stories, social commentary, and I’m currently working on three novels at once. I have yet to finish one.

I have, however, put together a poetry book. Those few that have wanted to support my writing have gone there to buy it for three bucks. There are a few problems with that, though. Number one, 30% of that three bucks goes to amazon. They didn’t write it and they don’t promote it, so I’m starting to wonder why I put it there in the first place.

Another problem is that all my poems in the book are posted here as well. So if someone has already read my poems page, then they go to buy the book, they will just be reading the same thing. I could change this, but I’m thinking of just taking the book off altogether.

A third problem is that some people are like me, in that they want to read ebooks but don’t have an ebook reader or a tablet. While you can read ebooks on a multitude of other devices, most of them just don’t cut it. Personally, the computer I use is a small netbook. Not good for reading ebooks. I also have an iPod touch, which has way too small of a screen. I also have a Droid X that I found in a dumpster (I’m not kidding), and even though it has a bigger screen, it’s just not big enough.

So, if you would like to show your support but don’t want to give amazon your money, I have set up a paypal account so you can tell me how much you think I’m worth. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you think I’m only worth a dollar. Not even a little bit.

If you go here to donate, I promise to call off the herd of unicorns that I sent to poop on your vehicle, your house and your boss. Oh, you do want them to poop on your boss? Consider it done.