Ten Years From Yesterday

by Jason Alan

Quick note: I’m not begging for donations. I’m just throwing out some thoughts for today that happen to tie in with yesterday’s post.

Yesterday I received my first donation (see What Am I Worth?). After much consideration I have decided that everything I write will be free to all who wish to read it. I write poetry, short stories and commentary, and I am working on novels. Instead of putting them on amazon or some other site that does nothing for me except take a percentage, I will allow people to contribute the amount they choose through paypal.

Today I thought about how I would feel ten years from now if I’m still doing this. Would I be happy with my progress? I’ve decided the answer is yes, I would be satisfied no matter what the outcome. There are three ways it could turn out:

Best case scenario is that I have enough people paying for my books that it becomes my job. I would do all the writing and editing myself. While I’m not an English major, my spelling and grammar have always been better than average, especially after I read through what I’ve written a few times. That’s my attainable dream. My real dream is to be super hero space pirate, but there aren’t many openings for that. Maybe some day…

The worst case scenario is that I barely make anything. No need to elaborate on that. It’s pretty self explanatory.

The third is what I think will actually happen, which lies somewhere in between those two scenarios. I don’t think I’ll be the next Stephen King, selling millions of everything I put out. But I also don’t think I’ll be some bitter 46 year old blogger who never made anything of his writing career. I have a decent amount of confidence in my writing and storytelling. I also know that people are willing to pay for a quality product even when they can get it for free. So more than likely my writing will be a supplement to my regular income, whatever that may be, and I’ll continue writing in my spare time. I’m ok with that.

But I did kinda sorta tell an eensy weensy bit of a little tiny lie. I wouldn’t be happy if I barely made anything at all. I would consider myself a failure if that happened. So I will continue to write to the best of my ability and to entertain and inspire my readers whenever possible. Hopefully it will work out for me.

To cap this snorefest of a post off, I would like to thank my first and only contributor thus far. His name is Johan. He has a lovely blog mentalvasectomy.com and a delightfully offensive twitter account @mentalvasectomy. Stop over and say hi.

P.S. I hope you’ll be here ten years from yesterday so you can see how it worked out.