About Me? What’s to Tell?

by Jason Alan

Jason Alan (born 12 September 1975) is a writer born in Garland, Texas and has lived mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Currently he resides in Besançon, France with his wife Florence. Through his 20’s and early 30’s he has worked as an apartment maintenance man, but now when he isn’t writing he is an international jewel thief. In his off time he enjoys long walks on the beach, cold beers and killing zombies.

This is the bio I wrote for myself yesterday for my new author page on amazon. Cute, huh?

I find myself at a bit of a rough spot. I wanted to add an ‘about me’ page here on wordpress but I don’t know what to put there. For one, I don’t like writing about myself unless I think of a particular part of my life that I can spin in an entertaining manner. Also, as a reader I’m not really interested in the author’s life. I mainly just like the stories, so I’m not well versed in what is on an author’s page.

So as a reader, do you like to know a bit about the person who wrote the stories you have enjoyed? If so, what exactly do you want to know? Any input is appreciated.

As always, thanks for stopping by. For those brave few that have ventured to read what I have posted so far of my novel, For Want of a Stone, I should have the next chapter up today. That is, if I don’t decide to edit it for the third time in as many days. Shalom!