Giving What I Can

by Jason Alan

What do writers want for the effort that they put into their craft? Besides money, they want more readers. Since I am currently unemployed and therefore have no money to buy books or donate, I’m giving what I can. Exposure. Here’s a few links to some good writers on wordpress you may want to check out.

Nick Rolynd

Sebastian March

Terry Gildow

I’m a firm believer that more of us need to show our support for independents in any form of art or creative endeavors. I just happen to be a writer (and a reader, of course) so I support writers. A lot of people seem to think that since most self-publishers put out crap, they shouldn’t help out any of them. That’s just ridiculous. You don’t need a publishing deal to have talent.

If you’ve actually read this post instead of just liking it and 100 other posts, please take a moment to leave a comment with a link to a good writer. Preferably a wordpress blog of someone who doesn’t have as many readers as they should. I’m always looking for new and interesting stuff to read.