Zombies are people too

by Jason Alan

Zombies have been a part of the entertainment culture for decades and like it or not, they aren’t going away any time soon. The book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The Walking Dead television show. And more movies recently than ever before. There has been four Resident Evil movies and there is another on its way. 28 Days Later was a masterpiece. I Am Legend helped solidify the genre with its big budget special effects. And when at least two mainstream comedy movies have been made about it, you know the genre is doing well. Of course I’m referring to Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.

So, what do these forms of zombie entertainment all have in common? Most of the time it’s a virus. It infects more and more people and they start biting, thereby recruiting more and pretty soon it’s an undead shooting gallery. Running or walking, it’s bang bang, my baby shot me down.

But what if they didn’t eat people?

Picture this: 99% of the population gets infected with a virus that turns them into virtually mindless beings, with none of the traits of their previous self remaining. They walk around, moaning, with no desire to eat people, or anything else. They don’t die, and they don’t attack anyone.

You could walk right up to one of them and poke it in the eye. They would do nothing. Hit one in the stomach with a bat, it would bend over for a second and keep walking. Shoot one in the head and kill it, and all the others around would just keep going.

Would you feel sorry for them? With no way of knowing if they were in agony or no pain at all, would you kill them? If your stance was not to kill them, after years of going outside and hearing hundreds of them moan and groan every time you went to the corner store, would you change your mind?

Would the ‘normal’ people gather and form zombie rights groups? Concentration camps? Wholesale slaughter?

What do you think would happen?