I have the solution

by Jason Alan

I was born in America, and lived there until I was 35. While some of these points I will make apply to other countries, some of them don’t. So when I say “we” or “people”, I’m generally referring to Americans. Like I said, other countries have these problems too, I just know more about America than any other country. I’m not being anti-American, or picking on America, or saying it’s a terrible country. In many ways, it’s a great place to live. I just think it could be better.

Fasten your seat belts, folks. I have the answer.

I have the solution to the unemployment problem. Some people don’t want to hear it, but I have it. What is it? Put people to work. I know what you’re thinking. No shit, Sherlock, but allow me to elaborate. It sounds very simple, because it is.

First of all, bring the military back home. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If we want to “save the world”, then we can send out the special forces, the elite teams, green berets, whatever you want to call them. Send the soldiers who really want to go out and take out the bad guys to go put bullets in the dictators and the warlords of the world. Get rid of those that are murdering, torturing and enslaving their own people.

If you take the average soldier and ask if they enjoy killing people, more than likely they’ll say no. They are following orders. Serving their country. But ask them if they’d like to see a bullet go through the head of a ruthless dictator, they’ll likely say yes. One life in exchange for hundreds or even thousands? Personally, I’m a pacifist, but I would be glad to do it.

When those horrible people are out of the picture, let the country in question take care of itself. If another dictator or warlord takes their place, we get rid of them, too. If we’re going to kill people, we should at least make it count.

You may be asking what this has to do with unemployment. I’m getting to that. It’s about solving problems and using resources correctly and responsibly. What problems would this solve?

1. It would save literally billions of tax dollars that can be put to better use.
2. The world view of America would change dramatically, for the better.

Next, we take the unemployment and welfare programs and shake them up like a big Etch A Sketch. Erase them and start all over from scratch.

The majority of people on welfare or getting unemployment benefits are able to work. So instead of paying people to not work, we pay them and give them something to do. There aren’t enough jobs? Bullshit. There is always something to do. Potholes need to be filled. Roads need to be built. Graffiti needs to be painted over. Trash needs to be picked up. Street lights need to be changed. There are a million things that need to be done. Someone is confined to a wheelchair? Give them a computer and have them do paperwork or help catch online predators. Imagine how much better someone’s life would be if they were helping to take sickos off the street instead of sitting around eating Cheetos and watching TV all day.

Now think of all the abandoned buildings and offices you see on a daily basis if you live in a city, especially a large one. We take those, fix them up if necessary and use them as temporary job centers. Pay the owners a fair amount for rent and when they are ready to lease them out, move to another location. Win win situation. The owner gets paid, people get work. Done and done. This would be voluntary, of course. We wouldn’t be forcing property owners to do anything, just giving them an opportunity to make some money instead of the place just sitting there unused while they make nothing.

If you’re asking how we can afford this, the answer is simple: we can afford to pay people who aren’t working, so why can’t we pay people to work? The answer is that we can afford it. In this scenario, the people that want to work will be able to, and those who don’t want to work won’t be draining the system. It just makes sense. If you’re a 30 year old who wants to live in his parent’s basement and play video games, go right ahead. But there is no reason we should pay you even one dime to do that.

I’m not picking on that particular guy, either. We could set up a program that allows people like him to develop games and help with video production of movies. Then part of the profits from those games and movies goes back to… wait for it… not the unemployment program… but to The Employment Program. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

With all these people out working, cities will be cleaner, safer and easier to move around in. The people who want to work will be able to. Simple things could be fixed. You know that intersection in your neighborhood, the one where you know there is a stop sign but is covered up by tree limbs? We’ll have the manpower to send someone to fix it, thereby preventing potential traffic accidents. They may not be getting as much as they want, but it will allow them to pay their bills until they get back into their field of expertise.

There would be no excuses. If you need to go to a job interview, we let you go. Meanwhile, the people who are working at the job centers will be looking for jobs suited to your needs. If you have kids, daycares will be set up to watch them while you work. Concerned for their safety? Cameras are cheap these days. They will be watched. Not just by people you don’t know, but by the parents as well. You would be given a secure internet address of the video feeds so you can see what is going on at any time. Hell, if you really do want to be with your kids all day, work at the daycare yourself. Simple!

And last but certainly not least, cut government salaries. We should no longer have to overpay politicians that work a few hours a week. If you think about it, we’re paying people to fly around in private jets and their job is to figure out how to squeeze even more money from us. It’s nothing less than insanity. It needs to stop. But sadly it won’t, because we put them in charge.

I may not have all the answers, but I know that this would work. So if you have a “what if” or “what about this or that”, feel free to present it to me. But be prepared for it to get shot down with logic and reason because there is always a solution. The main problem is that the government doesn’t really want to help people. If they did, then they would. Plain and simple.

It wouldn’t be a perfect solution, especially at first. There would be a lot of details to work out. But it sure would be a lot better than what we are doing now.