Goodreads, anyone?

by Jason Alan

I have recently joined Goodreads and today I began putting together my author page. You may say, Jason, do you really need another page on another website to showcase your awesomeness? Then I would take out my headphones and say, were you talking to me? Then you would roll your eyes and say, I said, Jason, do you really need another page on another website to showcase your awesomeness?

And I would say, yes, of course I do. I’m an independent author, and I don’t have any money to take out ads that nobody clicks on anyway. Also, I don’t have a publisher to halfheartedly market my work. I have to do it all myself. So I’m spraying myself all over the internet like bad graffiti on a highway overpass or baby gravy on the face of some poor young porn “actress”.

So if you like my blog and you are a user of one or more of the sites at the end of this post, add me, friend me, like something, retweet, follow, whatever the hell you kids do these days.

I’m not asking for money (this time) just a little support. You’re on the computer all the time anyway, help a brotha out. Tell you what I’ll do. Since you obviously can’t afford the whole dollar it costs to buy it, I will give away the kindle version of my poetry book. Just click on the picture below and it will download, then you can use Kindle software or maybe an actual Kindle device to read it. I couldn’t make it any simpler than that. Unless I went to your house and clicked on it for you. But then you would have to get up to answer the door, ask me who the fuck I am and perhaps call the police because you never invited me over and it would be a little stalkerish if I just showed up at your place.

Anyway, if you like it and you have an amazon account, then you can go review it and it didn’t even cost you a penny. I’ve had this book up for over a year and although some people have actually bought it, I have gotten exactly no reviews. None. Zero. The big goose egg. That sucks ass.

Thanks in advance to those who take a moment to support a starving, struggling, strangling (ok maybe not the last one) artist. And to those of you who don’t, it will be entirely your fault when I take a razor to my forearm just so I can feel something.



amazon author page


Also, I’m jason4twenty on instagram, and if you have a question or want to tell me something private for some reason, my email is Yeah, that’s my real name. See why I chose Jason Alan as my pseudonym?

Ok I said I’m not asking for money, and I’m not. BUT if you DO want to throw me a few sheckles, you can do it here. Go ahead, before I start cutting.