even as a poet…

by Jason Alan

even as a poet

a great one, I might add

I have one so many awards

(I typed one instead of won,


I oneder why that is)

I can count these

many many awards

on zero fingers

but. I have gone

off topic.

even as a poet

I sometimes think

as a poet tends to do.

think too much,




even as a poet

I sometimes think

that poetry is for writers

who are lazy

scribes who, sometimes haphazardly

but often times to lovely effect

spray their words


bright red graffiti

on a classic painting

instead of painting one themselves

to get a reaction

if only the reaction of

the guards

who subdue them

take them away, lock them up

for defecation.



of property.


then I ponder

and remember

that not everything written

needs a story arch

cast of characters


what have you,

to be inspiring

sometimes a few lines

is all that is needed;

even a few words.

some of the most powerful phrases

good or bad

have only three.

I love you.

You disgust me.

Pass the gravy.

even a bad poem

a sloppy poem

has more aesthetic value

than a paragraph

which, without inspection

is a boring block of words

each one



the next


the next.

and so on.

No, poetry is in fact

not lazy writing

I think it is just me

unhappy with something I wrote

perhaps I self reflect too much

thinking too much.

perhaps I drone on

too long

and miss opportunities

like ending with a

strong line

such as

pass the gravy.