A quick tip for the noobs

by Jason Alan

I’ll be reading a blog sometimes, as one does here on this wordpressiful site, and I’ll come across an insightful or interesting comment.


And there I am. At one of those instantly recognizable gravatar profiles.

Scroll down.

And… nothing. No blog link, no facebook, email or twitter. Just a name and a photo, and sometimes not their photo, just the standard blue and white default gravatar image.

Now, I understand that there is a segment of people who don’t have a blog or twitter, or whatever. They may be on facebook, but they wish to keep it private, and they like to read blogs and comment anonymously. I get it. That’s cool. Do your thing.


There are those who do have blogs, and want more readers. Well, people who find your comment(s) interesting won’t be able to check out your site if they click on that little box and get to a dead end. So if this is you, go to your gravatar profile and put something there, would ya? You made it far enough to create it and it’s not that hard to add a link or two.

Thanks. That’s all I got for now. Bonjour.