New Home for my Book

by Jason Alan

For Want of a Stone

For Want of a Stone, a novel by Jason Alan

As some of you already know, I have been writing a book and posting the chapters here, free for all to read. To give complete transparency, I will briefly explain why I am offering my ebook free of charge.

1. To get the word out. The more people that read my novel, the better.

2. To help prove that an independent writer can be successful without a publishing deal. With the help of my readers (thanks guys!) and my OCD editing, I am showing that a good quality product can be done this way. It takes a lot of time, but I have more time than money these days so it works out.

3. Money (kind of). The reason I say ‘kind of’ is because I don’t think I’ll make more money by accepting donations rather than just sticking it on amazon. I do think this is a better way, however, for someone like me who isn’t paying anyone to have it edited. And I do want to make something for my efforts. Am I not entitled to try, at the very least?

For those of you who have been reading it already, if you could take a moment to pop over real quick and let me know how it looks then that would be appreciated. If you have not been reading it, then it’s a good time to start. The Manifest theme is super clean and clutter-free, and in full screen I think it looks pretty fantastic. So whatever I may lack in talent, I can at the very least make up for in aesthetics.

For Want of a Stone