The Filthy Comedian

by Jason Alan

A stand up comedian, after years of tirelessly hitting the circuit and doing open mics, was finally starting to get recognition. People from all around were coming just to see him. One day he decided to make an effort to get along with his overly judgmental father, and invited him to a show. To his surprise, his father showed up. After putting on an excellent performance, all he had to say was “Good show, but why so filthy?”

He was a little let down, but it was expected and he just let it go. About six months later, he invited his father again. This time there were more people, and he kept his act filled with foul language and people were nearly falling out of their seats they were laughing so hard. Again, after the show, all his father said was “Good show, but why so filthy?”

He sat in his hotel room for a whole week, just thinking. At the end of the week he decided his father was right, and he should clean up his act. He spent the next month not performing at all, just writing. He barely left his hotel room. Finally, he had a nice clean act to do. He invited his father to come see him try out his new material. Again, he came, and this time the comedian bombed horribly.

After the show he was dejected, and his father came up to him and said “The show sucked, and you still need to take a shower. You’re filthy.”