we don’t know the same songs anymore

by Jason Alan

they used to play almost exclusively on the radio. everyone knew the same hundred songs. or two hundred. or whatever the number was. they would teach us the same songs in school. in music class, or what the band played during some school function. sometimes they would even play, what was, or had been played on the radio. we would also hear the records our parents had, that they bought, because they heard some of those songs, on the radio. the only other deviance was seeing a live show, of a local band, playing new songs, hoping to get famous. so we could all then hear their songs, when they played on the radio. when someone asked another person, have you heard that song? the answer would almost definitely be yes, i heard it on the radio. but we don’t know the same songs anymore. but it isn’t a bad thing. we have options now. and we know, now, that program directors don’t care, about us, about music, about anything but the bottom line. it’s only about numbers, getting the most amount of people to listen while spending the least amount of money do so. no matter how dumb the people are. because, like it or not, if all you want to hear is the same hundred songs, you’re dumb. if you turn the station because you’ve never heard the song, you’re dumb. dumb people like repetition, comfort. they’re afraid of new things, of change. if you aren’t afraid of change, turn off your radio. i haven’t listened to music on the radio, unless i had no other music option, in close to ten years. i haven’t missed a thing, and i’m sure that if i turned it on today, i would still hear the same hundred songs again. even if they are played by different people.