1s and 0s

by Jason Alan


if someone asks you the meaning of life:


that’s all you need

just that one word.

you see it every day

sense it in every way.

bitter and sweet.

pleasure and pain.

good and evil.

light and dark.

up and down,

east and west,

north and south,

left and right.

yes and no.

on and off.

action and reaction.

1s and 0s.

you see it in film.

black and white.

in politics.

conservative and liberal.

in mythology.

God and Satan.

you see it in biology.

the water that gives you life

may also drown you.

you see it in a microscope.

protons and neutrons.

it’s inescapable.

yin and yang.

beautiful and ugly.

male and female.

truth and lies.

fire and water.

large and small.

positive and negative.

so when someone asks you

what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?

tell them simply,


and you can walk away confident

in the fact that you know the answer.

and it is very simple.

or you could just be a smartass

and say 42.