The Real Enemies

by Jason Alan

The real enemy isn’t your neighbor.

While people are losing their houses, banks are given billions of your dollars so they can keep their enormous homes and gated communities.

The real enemy isn’t growing a pot plant in his back yard.

While we argue over decriminalization of a plant, pharmaceutical companies are raking in tons of money from selling sick people dangerously addictive narcotics.

The real enemy isn’t the preacher.

While we argue over religious beliefs, the pope lives in a palace, telling people who can’t afford to have children that contraception is a sin.

The real enemy isn’t the one driving an SUV.

While we argue over gas prices and conservation, oil moguls are profiting from war so they can have bigger estates made from the skulls of babies (ok I made that last part up).

The real enemy isn’t your local representative.

While we argue over liberal and conservative issues, the president is living in a big white house, spending a billion dollars of your money so that he can live in that house for four more years.

Think about it. If somebody gave you a billion dollars tomorrow, would you use every bit of it to make yourself more comfortable? Or would you buy a nice house, start a business, save some and use the rest to actually help people?

These aren’t just some crazy conspiracy theories. These evils are actually happening in this world that we call civilized. The real enemies aren’t even money and power. The real enemy is greed. Because if it wasn’t for greed, then no one person would feel that they need billions of dollars or have power and influence over millions or even billions of other people’s lives.

I was going to say that while we are distracted by arguing with each other, the power and money hungry are picking our pockets. But they don’t even have to pick our pockets. We were born into a society where they don’t have to. Every time we buy something, get gas, fill a prescription or go to work, we pay taxes and contribute, whether we like it or not. You would pretty much have to go live in the woods and hunt your own food to get away from it, but even those woods are more than likely owned by someone else.

So what is the answer? I don’t fucking know, I’m just a blogger with insomnia.