Newer, Fresher, Bloggier

by Jason Alan

143% bloggier

When it comes to internet content, we consumers tend to focus a lot on what’s new. When we’re on twitter, we rarely, if ever, go back a month or even a week to see what a person has been tweeting. It wouldn’t take that long, really. The character limit is quite short. The same thing with a blog, except it would take longer.

But we want what is new, or rather, the illusion of what is new. Many are photos that, while you have never seen them, you’ve seen photos that are similar. A lot are ideas, but with billions of people having ideas, how many new ideas are there? Some are stories and poems, but you’ve read others a lot like them.

A rhinoceros made of cheese. Every now and then, someone will post something that is new. A newly discovered species of butterfly, for instance, or a type of art you’ve never seen or thought of. But even then, you’ve seen other types of butterflies, and you’ve seen lots of art. So technically they’re new, but not really.

Even this post isn’t new. I’m sure thousands of people have written about this subject, and the fact that the internet has changed things so drastically for us. It isn’t just as if we went from handwriting books to the printing press. The transformation has been more like going from stone tablets to the printing press overnight. There is so much information that even if all you did from birth to death was look at web pages, you still would not even see 1% of 1% of them all. Even if we all stopped creating them today.

All I can offer in this post is that the content is newer, it’s fresher, and it’s bloggier. And there’s a non sequitur in the third paragraph. That makes it different. Because although thousands of posts have been written about internet content, I bet you can’t name one that also mentioned a cheesy rhinoceros.