…and the rant begins… now!

by Jason Alan

Ignorance must be mathematical because it seems to be infinite.

What the fuck is going on? Seriously?

People who think governments are run by drooling idiots are right. That’s the beauty of it. They are dimwits, but every now and then somebody as equally smart as they are greedy and insane comes by and slaps them in the face and tells them hey, you can’t let the gays marry because if you do, that will be one less thing for the slaves to argue about while we’re robbing them even more blind than they already are.

If government were a painting, it would be like Picasso, Dali, Pollock and Escher all dropped acid and shit on a canvas.


That, bad analogies and a constant stream of lies are the tools of the human drones.

Blindly follow. Get an idea in your head, and no matter how illogical and bizarre it may be, never give in because they’re just testing your faith, or you’ll be accused of hating your own people. It’s downright unamerkin to speak out against tyranny!

They throw ‘liberal’ and ‘atheist’ around like they’re curse words. I can almost see the spittle flying onto the keyboards as the monkeys type the feeble words that are pulled from sources that are even less reliable than their own anal cavities.

Abortion is the same as rape! they say. Yeah, exactly the same fucking thing. In Opposite Demented World, yes.

But oh no, you can’t defend abortion, cuz if’n ya ain’t wit us, yer aginn us! If ya ain’t straight, white, gawd fearin, flag wavin’, automatic weapon totin’, GOP lovin’, Bill O’Reilly sac suckin’ merkins, you ain’t merkin!

Twisting words doesn’t justify bullshit. Against the war doesn’t mean for the terrorist, communist, or whatever bad guy scapegoat is used to send young people to die in an attempt to fill the bottomless pit that is greed. FOR women having control over their own bodies isn’t pro-death OR anti-life.

Do they think that every couple months, women say ‘oh dear, looks like ah dun got preggers again, time to rustle on down to the clinic and suck another’n out’?

Or that they sit around eating Cheetos, smokin’ cigarettes and drinkin’ soda pop and beers until their ninth month of pregnancy and say, aw, heck, I changed my mind. I don’t want this lil’ feller no more. Honey can ya bring me the Dust Buster?

Even the term pro-life is a falsified and erroneous attempt to stack the deck in favor of their agenda before the facts of either side are even allowed to be presented. Some people won’t be happy until a multitude of women are dead because they couldn’t legally have a medical procedure done even though it was obvious to the doctors, who actually know what they are doing, that the woman was going to end up dead. Oh, and by the way, if the woman dies, then the fetus inside of them doesn’t magically jump out of the womb and start life on its own, tap dancing across the floor of the Waffle House.

Does the loaded pro-life term include human beings that have already been born? In many cases it doesn’t seem to. Support the war and support the death penalty but fight against contraception so that more unwanted children can be brought into the world poor and indoctrinated into the same brainmuddying horseshit. Because without the poor, who would fight your war?

Label me whatever the fuck you want, but logic and reason are always on my side. I don’t need weak analogies to make my point.

Rant over.