by Jason Alan

If you are alive today, you have been given a wonderful opportunity. You can write something to not only your regular readers and new readers that happen upon it, but also to your friends and family.

After you’re dead.

That’s right. You can schedule posts, so long after you’re gone, people can read something ‘new’ from you. I’m working on one, and will probably, if I get the chance, write a bunch more. Of course, this idea is contingent upon one thing. Whether or not the blogging service you use still actually exists.

Mine being wordpress, (this post will go to facebook and goodreads, so it’s not abundantly clear) I see it sticking around for quite a while. Myspace failed because there were so many blatant ads, because music started when you went to someone’s page, pages so loaded with glitter and stars and shit that you couldn’t even read the text, etc. But think about it. If you’re loading up your page with all that extraneous shit, what do you really have to say of significance anyway?

But I digress. It seems to me that wordpress and sites like blogger will probably be around for a long time. A large number of people have a lot of personal investment in these platforms, there aren’t a crapload of ads, and they work fairly well. So unless civilization as we know it collapses, these sites will more than likely continue to keep our information and we can schedule posts for years in advance. All we need to do is remind ourselves when the date is coming up in case we get close to the post date, so we can change it.

So let’s cross our fingers and hope for no nuclear war and no huge comets hitting our lovely planet, if only for the fact that we want what we write to be seen later. There are probably other reasons to wish for that not to happen, but I can’t really think of any at the moment.

Homework assignment: start working on a posthumous post, a post-humous, if you will. The beauty of this assignment is that you don’t even have to turn it in until you’re dead. Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar, as it’s pretty hard to correct those when you’re taking a dirt nap.