Bob and God

by Jason Alan

Bob died in a car accident on a cold, rainy night. The road was slippery from ice and an SUV lost control, hitting his car head on. His soul left his body and he felt a sense of peace he had never experienced before. Upward he floated, seeing first himself, and then the world, as if for the very first time. Shortly afterward, he arrived in Heaven.

“Hello, Bob. Welcome to Heaven,” God said.

“Oh my-” his mouth dropped open and he held his arms in front of him. “Oh my… you!”

God smiled. “Yes, I’ve heard that one a few times, my son. It is still amusing. Welcome. You are home.”

Bob dropped to his knees and began crying tears of joy. “I have been waiting so long for this moment. I dedicated my life to you. It is so wonderful to be here, your holiness.”

Bob bowed before God.

“Oh, now, no need to do that, Bob. We are all family. We walk with one another.”

Bob looked up. “Ok, God. I love you.”

“I love you too, Bob. Would you like to get a look at Heaven?”

“Oh, yes, I would. Very much, thank you,” Bob replied, and stood up.

“Take my hand, and we shall go.”

Bob took God’s hand and felt a rush of beautiful emotions, so powerful he wept again. God began to show him the awesome expanse of the afterlife.

*** Three days later ***

God was walking with Bob again, showing him some more of Heaven. While looking around at the people, Bob saw someone he had known on earth.

“But, God, wasn’t Jim an atheist?”

God sighed. “Bob, for the hundredth time, atheists are welcome here too. You were wrong. How many times must I tell you this?”

“But God, it clearly states in the bible…”