dare, not dare not

by Jason Alan

He who dares not offend each blade of grass

with a curious foot

shall never leave the path

but it is insult to not flirt

with the risk to disturb the dirt

to outrage the weeds in the words

they flow as digits in simple math

clear as upset river beds

vague as the vacuums of space

yell FUCK YOU to civility

on uncivilized soil


to the humanity that betrays us

on a daily basis

pointing all ten fingers

while children die

from the stab wounds of a knife

held by those very same appendages

fume in opposition to the construct

that has been created for you

without your approval

with no input from the people

not only do we steal from others

even worse

we rob ourselves

when there is no more dignity

no more self respect

there is no compassion

and decency is left to rot

until there is only me

me me me me me me me

nobody else matters anymore

and when nobody else matters

in a world of billions

there is nothing left

FUCK YOU anger

FUCK YOU greed

I will not stand idly by

as you poison all you get your hands on

FUCK YOU complacence

in an unkind home

fuck. you.