No Need to Pack

by Jason Alan

Chuck D dubbed me an honorary black

knighted by capitalism with a sword in my sack

enslaving the people, blaming it on crack

kill me softly yet expect me to sing like Roberta Flack

premature death and suffering all over the map

from Chile to China, from L.A. to Iraq

they tell me Jesus is my savior, but when’s he coming back

it seems that sympathy is a trait your gods lack

presidential debates, a couple of ducks that quack

stealing global resources, making excuses to attack

it’s never enough money even if you’re sitting on a stack

if society is the tooth, then government is the plaque

anti-choice making it all out of whack

so it’s a back alley abortion with a bottle of Jack

and a Shop-Vac

the poor and middle class can’t do this, can’t do that

but you can do what you please when your pockets are fat

they say we’re moving toward apocalypse but we’re already there;

no need to pack