Peace. Love. Understanding. Education.

by Jason Alan

I don’t often post short entries, but I would like you to, in the exercise of education, post a blog about something that you feel negatively about. After, of course, you read about it. I’m not talking about something obvious like murder, rape, pedophilia. The majority of people are against all of those things. I’m asking you to take something that you may feel that is ‘bad’, and read about it. From all sides. From people who think it is bad, from those who think it is good, and, if possible, from someone who is neutral on whatever subject it may be. Please do this. If anything, it will help you to understand what you are reading about. This exercise can do nothing but make you more aware of the world in which you live.

Peace. Love. Understanding. Education. If we had more of all these things, our lives would undoubtedly be better off.