line of fault

by Jason Alan

line of fault

makes broken land

a moment of the earth uncouth

a grain of salt

a grain of sand

a grain of truth

these little poems i throw to you

dear river, like leaves on your surface

pushing through as you push through

the mud that blocks your path of purpose

time makes everything change

as do the words that flow on

differing with each book i read

each lyric of a song

i never know how my poems will end

when i begin, but i always have a story to tell

a witch’s art from which you start

only wishful thinking at the wishing well

and water, but

do you take time to thank the water for life

or are you too busy asking it for things?

it will not save you from yourself

or others, nor give you golden rings

there is inspiration in each flake of snow

every push and pull, the atomic flow

there is literature in every crystal stream

epic poems in your coffee, volumes in the cream

line of fault

is imperfection

beauty, rancor,

missed conception

all of life it begs for learning

the trees at night are tossing, turning

grifting daylight in their veins

photons painting permanent stains

the line of fault runs through your heart

you have no end, you’re infinity

and you also had no start.