Eat the Rich to Feed the Poor?

by Jason Alan

Rich people are allowed much more than the poor and the middle class, and I’m not just talking about the fact that they can buy nicer and better things.

For the most part, gambling is illegal. The lottery doesn’t really count, since whoever plays it has an almost zero chance to win. There are a few places where real gambling is legal, even though they have to ‘get around’ the stupid laws by constructing buildings that are really boats. How safe is that? Not only can rich people fly to wherever they want to gamble, they also have the stock market. Legalized gambling wherever you are.

Also, there are drugs. They can go to as many doctors as they wish and get their prescriptions. As far as illegal drugs go, they have better lawyers to get them off if they get caught. Not only that, but they live in gated houses or communities where they don’t get their doors busted down by the D.E.A. They are treated like special people.

Then there’s prostitution. It’s illegal if you’re poor, but if you can afford an ‘escort’ for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, then it’s just fine. It’s capitalism at work.

That being said, even I don’t think the rich should pay more in taxes, percentage-wise. Everybody should pay something in income tax, even if it’s just a couple hundred dollars a year. Corporations, however, should be regulated in a different way. There is no reason a few people at the top should have billions of dollars while the people who work for them are struggling to get by. They should get more than minimum wage or something close to it.

What is the difference between a slave and someone who makes minimum wage? Not much. Sure, they can go home after work or they are free to roam their neighborhood, but not much further. They can’t afford the gas to go that far. If one makes enough to pay rent, bills and food with little or nothing left then they are slaves to their job. Especially when it’s so hard to find another one.

Regulate the huge corporations so the workers get more and decriminalize marijuana, gambling and prostitution. Within a few years, everyone that wants a job will have one, people will grow their own pain medication, taxes will be paid and STDs will decrease and the abuse and murder of women will go down. Done and done.

Am I saying all drugs are great? No.

Am I saying that prostitutes for the most part don’t have some kind of emotional issues they need to work out? No.

Am I saying gambling is wonderful and we should all do it? No.

I AM saying, however, that in order for a country to be free, we have to comprehend that other people are going to do things we don’t like. Not only that, but that we can’t ‘fix’ that. We can reduce the amount of drug dependency, prostitution and gambling with proper education and offer treatment, but laws against them generally don’t do anything to that effect. They just put people in jail and give them criminal records, thereby making it harder to find jobs, which leads to more illegal activity. It’s all a big clusterfuck that uses your tax dollars. This system has not worked in the past and is not working now, so why should we expect it to work in the future? It will only get worse if we keep pointing fingers and saying these people are bad and those people are bad and we should lock them up.

I’m really sick and tired of people being treated like sheep, being demonized and enslaved for behavior that is for the most part clearly indicative of abuse. How about some compassion for our fellow man? How about we take off the chains and take their hands? We can’t just get rid of everything we don’t like with laws, and can’t just keep locking up millions of people and destroying their lives. Do you want to live in a world where everyone is a criminal? If we don’t speak up and act, that’s exactly where we are headed.

Legalize the activities that rich are allowed. Tax them, regulate them and provide treatment for those that need it. Not everyone will be happy, but more people will have jobs and less people will be harming themselves and you. And most of all, your capitalism machine will continue to run. Otherwise, we’re all fucked.