twitter/favstar tip

by Jason Alan

If you’re familiar with twitter, you are probably aware of favstar. You just go to and replace my name with your twitter handle, and you’re at your page. If you don’t have a paid account, you can only see 20 of your ‘best of’ tweets, or the ones that have been favorited or retweeted the most. Most people probably don’t care, but if you look back through your tweets (on twitter, not favstar), you’ll find that you can only go back so far, and everything you’ve tweeted before that point is gone. My experience is that it goes back about three months, but I’m not sure if it’s a time period thing or the number of tweets. Either way, anything you wrote before, like I said, is gone.

Not a problem for most, but I’m writing a book using many of my tweets. The limit messes with that. So I have found a workaround on favstar without having to pay for the bonus features.

First, I go to my ‘top tweets’ page, copy one and paste it into a text document, then I click on the specific page on favstar of that tweet. You get there by clicking on the part I have circled in blue on this picture:

Then, I select the number in the url and copy it.

Then, I go to twitter and pick one of my tweets. Any one, doesn’t matter, and I click on ‘details’. Note how awesome I am at drawing arrows.

Take the number you copied from the favstar url and replace the number in this tweet:

Hit enter and it will take you to your original tweet. I know I said before that the tweets were gone, but that’s not the whole story. They are still ‘there’, but the only way to get to them is individually, like this:

So then you click on delete (above picture) and then go back to your favstar ‘best of’ page (below)

Now, you end up with a different tweet for number 20, and if you delete all of those, a whole new list of your next 20 tweets will appear. You can’t undo this, so if you care about the tweets in your top 20 for some reason, don’t.

And that concludes the post about something that probably nobody will need. You can thank me later.