Another Jason Alan

by Jason Alan

I just found out yesterday that there is another writer that goes by the name of Jason Alan. amazon link. Sigh. What am I supposed to do about this?

Before I decided to use this name as my pseudonym, I checked to see if there were any other authors that were already using it. I found none. So that means I either didn’t look hard enough, or this guy started using the name after I did. Either way, is there legal recourse? I don’t want to sue by any means, but what if this guy came first and he ends up wanting to sue me?

I suppose if he does, then it would possibly spark up some interest and maybe more people would be exposed to my writing, but that is doubtful. If I did have to change my name, though, it would be one hell of a headache. I have only gone by this name for a little over a year but I would still have to go back and change a lot. My amazon page, goodreads, the name of this blog, twitter, facebook, among others. That would really suck ass.

I also find the page for his book to be highly suspect. There are seven reviews, all 5 stars, for what seems to be the man’s only book, and there isn’t even a kindle edition. No way to get a sample to get a feel for the writing. Really? Doesn’t sound genuine, if you ask me, but maybe I’m biased.

What do you think I should do? Blow it off? Not worry about it? Attempt to contact the other guy? If so, then what do I say, drop your name or else? Maybe it’s just bugging me more than it should. I could use a drink.