Do They Care?

by Jason Alan

A fine way to test if someone cares about you is to simply ask them. If they say yes, and probe deeper, asking why you would ask that, and/or if you are struggling with life, do you need to talk about anything, etc., then it’s a good bet that they do care. If they simply say yes and nothing else, then at least they care enough to say that they do, even if they don’t care enough to inquire further into the matter. If they say no, then you could assume that they either don’t care or they are kidding, and it should be easy enough to tell the difference based on their previous actions with you.

If they don’t answer at all, though, how would you take that? Not even having the decency to respond, in all likelihood, points to no. They don’t care. If you ask everyone involved in your life if they care about you, pretty much across the board you would probably get yes as an answer. Even if you have a shitty family who might say no or not answer, you probably have enough friends, acquaintances and coworkers to make up the difference.

If you then began to ask those who you do not know if they care, you will undoubtedly get a varying degree of answers. Some will keep walking, ignoring you entirely. Others will look at you funny. Another may ask if you are ok and maybe offer you a few dollars, depending on how you’re dressed. Regardless, you will surely get at least one person eventually who says yes, they do care, and will be genuine about it. Even if they have never met you before. As a human being, they feel a connection, and understand that we all need someone to care about us.

Now, ask God if he cares. Because throughout man’s history, we have struggled with the question of his existence. But what is more important than the existence of one all powerful, omnipotent creator of the universe is that if this being does exist… does he/she/it care about you and I?

All evidence points to no, if there is such a being, then it does not care. You can ask from the moment you are able to speak the words as a small child until the very second before you die, and you will get the same answer. No response.

So if this creator does not care enough about us to even answer when we ask if he exists, let alone if he cares, then why would he care enough to create other realms in which to punish us and/or reward us?

On a strictly philosophical level, a creator, if one exists, fails to demonstrate to us that it cares. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need this kind of god in my life, because I have people that care about me. People that will answer the questions I have, even if they are as trivial as ‘have you seen my keys?’. I have no room for, no love for and no time to give to someone or something that refuses to even acknowledge that I have been attempting to communicate with them. I can only return the indifference.

So, God, if you do exist, I don’t really care about you, but at least I care just enough to tell you that, which is more than what you have ever told me.