My First (kind of) Five Star Amazon Review

by Jason Alan

My first Amazon book, were it a small mammal, would have been eaten by its mother as a newborn. That being said, I have had four reviews in total. Up until the 17th, they were all four star. The new one is five star, and that’s pretty cool.

Correction. This is for the .com only. On the store I have two more reviews, both five star. I really wish they would combine those so I wouldn’t forget. It’s the same damn book. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has rated, reviewed and read my poetry.

You can check out the American reviews here: American

And the UK reviews here: UK

While you’re there, why not buy a copy? It’s only a 99 cents, or on the UK it’s £0.77. Wouldn’t kill ya to help out an indie author, eh?