Seriously, how hard is it to understand? @DebunkEvolution

by Jason Alan

You started out life as two microscopic single-celled organisms that in almost every way were indistinguishable from fish. Less than a year later, you became a fully formed human.


Sounds like some crazy science fiction story or something, but it’s not. Millions upon millions of people have not only seen them under microscopes, but have studied them and worked with them in a variety of ways over the years. Even many children are aware of this tested, proven fact. We all come from tiny fish-like creatures at our basic beginning of life.

But that isn’t the kicker…

Funny thing is, when you do more looking into it, you also find out that this is far from just a human thing. A frog starts off life as a sperm and an egg cell that are nearly identical to ours. Same with a horse, a crocodile, a mosquito, an elephant or even a shark. I could keep going on.

Now it sounds a little crazy, huh? Animal life of all kinds (and even plant life to a lesser extent) begins almost exactly the same way. Tiny creatures swimming around in mostly water.

The DNA in those cells is what determines whether you will be a human or one of the multitude of species on this planet. Those DNA remain the same mostly, but sometimes there will be tiny changes in them which can result in different hair color, height, resistance to disease, or a whole host of other attributes.

Add a few billion years and you have evolution in a nutshell. We start off the same, the DNA changes and we become different in many ways. How hard is this to understand?