Table of Incompetence

by Jason Alan

So I’m attempting to insert a linkable Table of Contents, titled Table of Incontinence (because I’m so damn clever) into my kindle book, and thus is born the Table of Incompetence. I’m using OpenOffice, do all the steps to make it happen, save it as html, convert it to .prc for kindle hardware and software and when I run it on Kindle Reader, I can skip easily from chapter to chapter. Yay! Right? Sort of. I start out with this (notice the blue, clickable links):


But when I save the .doc file, close out the document and open it again, I get this:


NOT fucking clickable. Oh, the joys of self-publishing. So, seeing as I have decided to release the book to amazon tomorrow, there may or may not be a clickable Table of Contents, but there may be incontinence and there will definitely be incompetence. Until next time, this is Jason Alan signing off.

Ok maybe not. I took a walk, got some sun, some time off from this mild nightmare and came back.

Update. This is what it looks like on Kindle for PC, and the links go to the chapter. Seeing as I don’t have an actual Kindle device, I can only assume that it will work on them as well.


Good. Now, to upload it to amazon so it will be ready tomorrow. As far as memory serves, it takes 24 hours for amazon to process it. Then, when it’s up, I can be massively disappointed with the sales. Yay!

Go to to see for yourself and be disappointed, too.