Amazon Best Seller. Yeah, Uh Huh, Sure…

by Jason Alan

Don’t let these online authors fool you with their ‘Amazon Best-Seller’ claim. You know who can get on that list? Whoever puts some words together making it seem book-like and uploads it to the site. In other words, it doesn’t mean shit, even if the numbers look impressive.

I offered my poetry book free yesterday. I moved 29 units on the U.S. store, and that put me on #17 under free poetry and #4,404 overall, as you can see at the bottom of the pic.


Today, it’s back to paid, and it has moved zero units (which is the usual for an average day for that book) and it’s now off the short list (paid poetry would be the new category) but it’s still on the ‘Amazon Best Sellers Rank’ list. As #675,397. So I’m still on the best sellers list, so technically, I’m a best seller! Woohoo! I’m so proud of myself.


The new book was #105,245 paid yesterday, and today it’s free and so far has moved 35 units and is #4,906 (it was 4,404 when I took the pic) in the free overall category. There’s no short list yet for this one. Maybe it’s because under general and adult comedy there are way more of those books than poetry. Anyway, let those overly cocky authors boast, but you’ll know that it really doesn’t mean that much. If you’re on the Kindle store, you’re on the list. Whoop-de-frickin-do and Merry Christmas.


Here’s your gift from me (sorry I couldn’t wrap it):