Most Favorite Things (i am)

by Jason Alan

I worked on a long form poem for years, then lost it, and currently rewriting it. It is simply titled ‘i am’. It wanders and meanders and does what it does. Very long, about 40 pages so far, and I’m not even close to done. This is an excerpt from it, and this part takes the song My Favorite Things and turns it upside down. There are multiple pop culture references in the overall piece, so if or when you read the entire thing, it blends right in.


i am (part 9)


i am raindrops on corpses

and whiskers on tigers

strong and weak forces

and bright copper wires

brown paper airplanes

tied up with strings

with all our names

written upon the wings

i am cream colored beaches

crisp blue seas

natural lube sex

sliding with ease

i am women in white thongs

with blue satin sashes

bowls full of hash and

colored beads for free flashes

i am silver black winters

that melt into death

i am coming

i am leaving

that hot, sultry breath

a wild eagle that perches

and sometimes it sings

i am your most feared

your most favorite things