2 1/2 #free #amazon #ebooks are waiting for you. Happy New Year!

by Jason Alan

To give a gift of reading material for your kindle or kindle software, I am offering both of my books free on amazon for the first two days of the year. Just click on the picture to get them. If you have gotten one or both and you enjoyed what your have read, go tap that like button. It helps, and it’s easy to do. Leaving a review is also awesome, even if it’s short. It lets future readers know what to expect.

Happy new year, everyone!

kindle page preview image

kindle page preview image

Those are the two, now here’s the half. It’s called For Want of a Stone. I’ve written and posted about half of this fiction fantasy novel. When it’s done, I will put it on amazon as well, but you can get started reading it now.

For Want of a Stone

Happy new year again to one and all!