Free free free? Free, free and free. Free? Free.

by Jason Alan

If I have timed this correctly, and you are reading this within a couple hours of posting, you can still get one or both of my amazon books for free. I just put out one, and since I’m currently on a once a year release cycle, I figured I would offer them both free. Why the hell not, right?

If you have already bought and read enough of either to know that you like it, go show that you do. It’s called a like button. Very simple. Between facebook and favstar, billions of them are handed out every day. A blind monkey with one hand could do it, so I’m almost sure that you can as well.

Both of them also have a new product description. The poetry book has a preview of the poems, and the comedy, well, it’s packed full of stuff. It’s like another short (and free) chapter! Lucky you, huh?

kindle page free

kindle page free

And oh yeah, happy new year đŸ™‚