Upchuck and Ralph

by Jason Alan

A while back, a Canadian artist named Sean and I decided to do a web comic. The premise is simple: just a couple drunk losers in a bar. The art is also simple, but it’s meant to be. The people are stick figures, and to look at it, you might think the guy can’t draw, but he can. We just wanted to do something for fun that didn’t take up a lot of time, so he drew and I wrote (most of it). He had some input on the writing as well.

We stopped doing it, but recently someone asked when we were going to do another one. I would like to and so would he, but with all this editing and writing on other projects, I haven’t really been able to come up with anything that I think is solid enough. Maybe you have an idea. Feel free to throw me suggestions. There’s a site for it, but it goes in backward order, so you don’t really get a good flow that way. So I’m posting the whole run right here. Let me (actually, us) know what you think of Upchuck and Ralph.

Episode 1: Have A Drink On Me

Episode 2: The Biggest Cretin

Episode 3: Boys Will Be Girls

Episode 4: Huh?

Episode 5: Denial Is A River Of Shots

Episode 6: To Pee Or Not To Pee

Episode 7: Seafood?

Episode 8: Milkin’ Beer

Episode 9: Puke And Sodomy