free kindle ebooks

by Jason Alan

Both of my books are free on amazon today, February 1st. Click on the picture to go to my author page, tap that like button on the top right and get them. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even mind if you don’t read them. I prefer you do, but just downloading them gets my numbers up, and I get paid even when they’re free for you. Sometimes.

Don’t get me started on amazon. These big companies piss me off. They make it sound as if the author gets paid every time, but I moved almost 100 units in the UK last time, and I got zero. Nothing. Assholes. I’m not even going to bother checking into it, because I know they’ve worded the terms of service in such a way as to be in their favor. Hell, I guess I would, too. Fuckit, just go get them. If you have already read one or both, hit the like button. I literally have more reviews on the poetry book than likes. How is that even possible?

Ok, I’ll shut up now. Have a sweet ass Friday.

Ain't I cute?

Ain’t I cute?