Again? Yes, again…

by Jason Alan


I know, I know, this is the third time in two days that I have posted about this, but isn’t that the charm? Besides, nobody has tied you up with duct tape to make you read this. Except, of course, this guy I abducted that is sitting next to me. After I force him to read it aloud, I will let him go because humans aren’t comfortable in captivity. Free range people is the best way to go.

Regardless, I have two electronic volumes of information and/or entertainment available with no monetary compensation involved on your part. Said volumes are available on a website that includes such sorts of digital independent endeavors. In other words, I have two free ebooks on amazon today. Even if you don’t download one, at least go to the author page and hit the like button. It’s anonymous, as I have said before, and it’s easy, quick and as free as the books that I am offering.

While I have your attention, I would like to express my gratitude to you. It is wonderful to have a person purchase one of my tomes, but currency for indie authors also comes in the form of likes, retweets, status updates and, well, you know the rest. Just help get the word out there if you don’t buy anything from me. Unless you don’t care for the crap that I write, but if that was true, why would you be reading this far?

But no further questions. I will simply present you with my author page and let you decide whether you should share it with some sort of social media interwebby type thingamabob. A statue of me (with Jason Alan clearly stamped on it, of course) is also acceptable, or a large white banner with my name in bold red letters spanning a bridge over a busy highway. Writing it out with an airplane, whatever. I’m not asking for a lot, it’s just that more people should know how wonderfully brilliant I am, or at least be aware of the place that they can go to point and laugh at the pompous ass ‘indie author’ who thinks he is brilliant when he is clearly not.

Ah yes, an amazon author page link would be nice right about now, so I can shut my fingers off. For a moment, at least.

Jason Alan’s Amazon Author Page That Is Literally Begging For Likes